What is 10 Shadows?

10Shadows combines best practices from Shadow Krav Maga, Shadow Jitsu, bodyguarding and my 20+ years of experience as a security professional and trainer.

We offer 10 basic skills that are core to 10Shadows techniques. By learning these, it will be easier to build advanced techniques. The skills are based on real-life scenarios and real-world places.

We avoid training halls and gyms with a comfortable environment that leaves you unprepared for real-life.


Join our 1st full onlineprogram combingfitness + self-defense!

The Fit Defense Level 1 course has 12 sessions designed to be performed approximately 3 times per week over 4 weeks of training.

Plus, we’ve added an extra bonus session so you can keep training as often as you want! The first few sessions are easy to perform, may sometimes feel a bit slow and less exciting; however, as you advance in the program and condition your body, the sessions will become more dynamic, challenging and intense.

Most sessions feature  Bonus content or demonstration of the skills adapted to self-defense situations, and performed by experienced individuals.


• The office
• Parking lot
• Elevator
• Hotel
• Stairs, and more.

10Shadows will increase your fitness level and prepare you for real-life situations where self-defense may be required. Some trainings will also teach how to use surrounding objects to aid in self-defense, such as:

• Water bottle
• Pen
• Mobile phone
• Keys
• Bag
• Umbrella
• Dog leash


Over 20 years in
security and self-
defense training

Yuly brings more than 23 years of experience in security & martial arts, training companies and individuals in physical safety, security and emergency response. Yuly served in the Israeli military, then later as Head of Security and in other emergency response roles at high-risk public venues in the hospitality, medical and security sectors in Israel, including during the Second Intifada (2000-2005), a period during which terrorist attacks, large violent public incidents and riots were common. Yuly has since advised on security and intelligence across Africa, Israel, Russia, Europe and the US.

Yuly is a:

  • • Certified Security Audit Expert (Israel)
  • • Certified Bodyguard Instructor (Israel)
  • • 2nd Dan Black belt Shadow Krav Maga Instructor (Israel)
  • • 1st Dan Black belt Shotokan Karate

Yuly trains and has trained police and military to professionals and civilians who must visit unsecure locations. In 2020, in response to social-distancing restrictions from Covid – 19, Yuly developed 10Shadows to help his students – and new students- train from remote locations.


“I’ll never look at my water bottle the same way again!”
“I feel stronger- physically but also mentally- and better prepared than ever.”
“I’m a Chinese immigrant. I and my 2 sons have really enjoyed this!”
“I have to travel to some unsafe places for my work. My company gives basic training, but not like this!”
“Yuly’s personal trainings have changed my life! Really incredible.”

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10Shadows is designed for adults over the age of 18 only. Please consult a physician before training.