Instructions and Q&A

Most frequent questions and answers

1. Contact us in one of the provided ways:
⦁ Email:
⦁ WhatsApp: +254716503455
⦁ Facebook: 10Shadows ⦁

2. After reaching out, inform us what course or package you are interested in.
3. An email with the payment details will be sent to you. There are several payments methods available right now and more options will be available in the future.
⦁ PayPal
⦁ M-Pesa

4. After making the payment, send us a copy of the payment confirmation.
5. Within 48 hours, you will get a link (or email) with access to your course.
6. By clicking the link (or in the email), you will get access to the Rules and Conditions. To
continue, you will have to read and “Accept” them. Only then, the course page will be available.
7. Every course is designed in a different way, but typically each course has “X” numbers of
sessions per week, and “Y” number of weeks. We encourage you maintain this schedule to realize the full benefits of the program.
8. By completing each session, you will select the “Complete” button, and the session will be marked with a green checkmark, allowing you to track your progress.
9. Once you purchase and have accessed your course, you will have unlimited access to the course for 6 months. We highly recommend you repeat workouts multiple times to build the trainings into your muscle memory!

1. 10Shadows is based on Shadow Krav Maga, which is designed for any age and fitness level.
2. Most of the 10Shadows courses are suitable for beginners to moderately fit people that keep to a regular training routine. As we expand, we hope to add more content that includes modifications for different levels of fitness and other physical limitations, such as disabilities and sensitive joints, etc. We really want to make 10Shadows and its teachings accessible to everyone!

Of course, you can still practice the skills with a partner! As you’ll see in the Bonus videos, practicing with a partner can help to further hone your skills in the context of real self-defense situations. Just always be cautious to practice with a partner, and be gentle!

We are just getting started so stay tuned for new workouts and programs!
Also, help us to grow 10Shadows and build programs you want to see!
10Shadow and Shadow Krav Maga are intended to train the body and mind for defense against real-life situations, in real environments. Therefore, we want to hear from you! Please share with us on our page or in a private message the situations you’ve faced or feared, so we can explore how to include new methods related to defending yourself against them in our trainings. We have experience teaching all types of people, include people with disabilities, and are planning future programs for this. We really enjoy the challenge to building new special programs, and we very much value your input!

10Shadows is based on Shadow Krav Maga, Bodyguarding and professional security best practices. During the sessions, you are learning the basics of Shadow Krav Maga, but in a different way. You can contact us for more details about Shadow Krav Maga, if you are interested in professional training.

Yes, we do. However, during the Covid-19 restrictions and high-risk period, most of our physical activities are temporarily suspended. We still provide limited private courses and sessions. Please email us if you’d like more details.

Yes, we do. You can contact us for more information.

It is in the development process. Follow up on Facebook to get updates on the website release!

Yes, soon you can! If you are an experienced martial artist or with other relevant experience, you are eligible to complete the “10Shadows Trainer Course” and represent “10Shadows” in your hometown. Email us or stay tuned for more information!

Each course is designed in a way where you learn new skills but at the same time repeat and combine learned ones. The aim is to bring movements to a muscle memory level. Our first program, Fit Defense Level 1, introduces the first 4 of 10 basics or basic skills. Therefore, you may want to take several subsequent courses to continue to build your repertoire of skills, as well as learn advanced techniques and sequences.